From Sunday June 16th until Friday June 21st – 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM

Our program has been designed to fit your needs and our host will guide you through a private and personalized tour lasting approximately 2 hours.

All programs will start with a presentation of Lannes Horticulture followed by a detailed visit of our Mandevilla trials.

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Lannes Horticulture has been working on Mandevilla/Dipladenia for over 40 years. Overtime, Lannes Group has accumulated a considerable volume of knowledge resulting in unparalleled expertise. With the Mandevilla Days, our goal is to share this expertise and to make your Mandevilla Days a unique experience. Our workshops will provide information that will help you to become a successful Diamantina® business player.

We have already pre-selected the best workshops for your company but feel free to add any additional workshops from our list to your guided tour. Just let your host know at the begining of your visit.

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Designed workshops

Diamantina® production: from young plant to retail store display

Diamantina® biological pest & desease control

Which Diamantina® variety for which pot?

Acclimatization of Diamantina® TC’s

Fertilization program

Diamantina® breeding protocol

Mandevilla market purchase habit trends

History of Mandevilla market

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